New extension profile 25 mm

Friday 10. 1. 2020

What's new with the profile?

The profile has undergone shape modification of the connection details (see Figure 1), which facilitates the connection of extensions to other profiles. These changes further improve tightness of connection and joint perfection. The surface of profile has also been modified, which now meets the current surface quality requirements.

The dimensions and contour of profile remain unchanged. In this way, you will continue to process a unique profile system with improved surface properties and without the addition of second-grade materials.

We made the change with regard to the combined processing of profiles with new connection details and profiles with older generation connection details. It is possible to combine these profiles simultaneously (see Figure 5).

We also achieved this by working with a major supplier of extrusion tools, company GREINER. This cooperation fits into our long-term concept of producing top quality profiles. The profile was released for production and subsequently for sale at the end of 2019. During this year, we will meet profiles with improved joint functionality that will replace the existing ones. We believe that you will appreciate this change at the realization of your contracts and will help you to satisfy the needs of your customers

Sectional view

                           Older profile                                                            New profile

                                                         Figure 1 – 2D comparison

                                                         Figure 2 – 3D comparison

  • Figure 3 – Older profile
  • Figure 4 – New profile
  • Figure 5 – Combination of profiles

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