We Offer

Deliveries of quality goods form the basis for further expansion.
Service, consultancy and broad experience.


Examples of support activities for customers of the HORIZONT PS profile system:

  • Assistance in starting your production and development of the optimal scheme suitable for your particular conditions
  • Assistance in developing the optimal logistics approach and time structure of deliveries
  • Expert consultations on technical issues related to the production and installation of windows
  • Every month, a sales representative will visit you and discuss with you all your current requirements
  • We provide certification according to EN 14 351-1 for all business partners
  • Expert advice on relevant standards and statutory provisions
  • Every year, we host meetings with customers where you can share your experiences with your colleagues
  • Regular meetings related to the training of your professional staff in window and door production.


Places of Meetings of Business Partners since 2004:

2004 - Hotel Tenis Kurdějov

2005 - Hotel Centro Hustopeče

2006 - Hotel Centro Hustopeče

2007 - Hotel Skalní mlýn, propast Macocha

2008 - Westernové městečko Boskovice

2009 - Dalešický pivovar

2010 - Vinařství u Kapličky, Zaječí

2011 - Hotel Skalní mlýn, Punkevní jeskyně

2012 - Hotel Sudický dvůr

2013 - Hotel Bukovanský mlýn

2014 - Western Šiklův mlýn

2015 - Automotodrom Brno, Hotel Atlantis

2016 - Sportovní střelnice Hovorany, Hotel Vinař Kurdějov

2017 - Activity Park Všemina

2018 - Hotel Sladovna and Černá Hora Brewery

2019 - Western Boskovice

2022 - Hotel Skalní mlýn, Punkevní jeskyně

2023 - Western Šiklův mlýn


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